Restoring an historic home's facade

A peculiar thing happened in 1970's, people began to rip out details of old homes.  The facades were covered up in faux brick or vinyl. The thought was that these man made materials meant less upkeep than wood or brick.  In New Orleans and Brooklyn (our primary markets) we see plenty of beautiful homes still covered in the mistakes of the 70's.

Our latest project in the Treme was no exception — it had a horrid faux brick on the front and vinyl siding. Luckily, renovators of the 70's were also lazy. Many 70's renovators would cover the facade instead of removing the original materials.  And that was exactly the case in our latest renovation. Once we took off the faux brick, much of the old wood was still there! Along with the original window and door casings. The team found an exact window match for original windows — getting one custom made surely would have costs thousands.

We custom built the shutters to match the window casing and next week the team will add doors — historically accurate of course! Almost to the finish line.